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Dog keeping

For your dog to perform well and adapt to your lifestyle, you need to set him up for success, which basically means to provide him with necessary antecedents; these are the things that happen before a particular behaviour occurs, reaching more or less back into the past, ie from seconds to weeks, even to years. There are things that make the behaviour of your dreams more likely, circumstances that make the behaviour of your desire less likely and there are expectations we have that are unrealistic to dogs. So the first advice to give away is to be realistic about what you expect of your dog and enhance your dog's world such he or she can perform well: that is ...

  1. Spend time with your dog actively as well as passively, ie by
  1. Provide your dog with an environment that fulfills your dog's mental and behavioural needs to keep him behaviourally and mentally healthy; main pillars upon which mental and behavioural health rely are ...
  1. Also, every dog has inelastic behaviours that can't just be thrown into the long grass or put on spike altogether; bear this in your mind. Every dog has to have at least ..
  1. Conclusion: Provide your dog always with these. Only a behaviourally and mentally healthy and well-balanced dog can perform well! If you find something to be made better, start doing it right away!


Regardless how happy we are to share our lives with dogs, it can happen that we wish a specific behaviour of our dogs not to occur; and there is the fact that dogs don't arrive at our homes with built-in good manners, so it's us to teach our dogs the rules that apply in our house in order to make life enjoyable and of high quality for all mates in the house.

That's where my services come in!

Appointments may take place at your home or in a park depending on your needs - I cover the Prignitz region; Appointments may also be done remotely via telephone or similar online tools on request. I'm available for follow-up advice and to stay in touch with you to ensure your project is progressing


Are you having problems with living with your dog? Consult with me on

Please be aware that some issues may take longer to tackle than one session allows to and that some expectations we have of our dogs cannot be fulfilled by them - see the welfare section earlier.


Are you wishing to implement changes in your dog's behaviour, or are you seeking ways to exercice and engage your dog? Hire me for your training projects with your dog, such as


As I have to pursue ongoing learning to keep up with the growing knockledge in the industry and to keep my permission form the local veterinary office, I have to charge money. So I must ask for your understanding in paying for my services.

About me

In 2006, I graduated from CertoDog dog trainer academy with a certificate in dog training. I went on to ATN academy for a course in animal psychology and behaviour in 2007 to enroll further on a course on dog behaviour and psychology, which I completed, in 2009, with a diploma in dog behaviour and psychology and a certificate as pet dog behaviour counsultant. In 2015, I got registered with the local veterinary office of the district of Soest, following an amendment of the animal welfare act requiring anyone who wishes to guide dog owners for money in terms of training and behaviour services; also, I earned a verified certificate in animal behaviour and welfare by the university of Edinburgh, upon accomplishing a MOOC-course.

I'm a member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe


I'm located in the district of Prignitz; if you want to inquire or avail any of my services, see the contact details below

Local veterinary office responsible for registration and permission of dog trainers that are established in the district of Prignitz is in the county seat Perleberg.

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